Sunday, April 16, 2017

What do You Need to Know before Starting an Engineering Business

Engineering is one of the most reliable, thriving industries out there. No matter how the economy is performing, there will always be a demand for good engineers. We will always continue to build higher, explore further, and invent new technologies. Engineers are at the heart of these industries, and there’s a secure, exciting future ahead. However, not all of us fit the mold for working at a traditional engineering firm.

Some engineers also have an entrepreneurial heart. After all, the engineers are the world’s best inventors. So, how does an engineer start building a business? How do they compete with the biggest companies in the industry? In this post, we’ll dig into the specifics of starting an engineering company. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Experience – Unfortunately, engineering isn’t a career you simply jump into. It takes years of studying, training, and active work experience. Great engineers are made from experience, trial-and-error, and tutelage. Our advice is to build up a foundation of strong knowledge and experience at an engineering firm first. You’ll gather the basics, and understand how the industry works. You’ll also make some key contacts and start to build your network. You’ll need it when you’re pitching for new projects as an entrepreneur.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

How a Strong Brand Logo can Help Grow Your Business

Enhancing the perceived value of a brand is one of the most valuable actions a business can take. It separates similar products by creating a perceived value that allows the product or service to resonate important qualities to their customers other than price. Fewer than 20% of products and services in each market gain the lion’s share of revenue and profits. Branded promotional products always outperform non-branded ones, which are seen as a commodity. Below are a few action steps that your business can take to leave a long lasting impression.

Design an iconic logo.

A logo is more than just artwork. The logo is your business’s identity. A well-branded logo will tell people everything that they need to know about a product or service so they can make a confident purchase decision in the blink of an eye. A good logo will help to pitch the values of the business, thus having a direct impact on sales. There are a few different approaches to developing an iconic logo which include:


Wordmark brands use the name of the business, company or institution for identification. The graphic that is used is clear, concise and provides a memorable identity. Iconic examples of popular wordmark brands include:


Google has a simple design based on the font Product Sans, which is dynamic and uses a colour sequence. (Red, yellow, blue and green).

Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to Grow Your Business with Limited Budget

Every small business owner has a dream of growing his business to become next The sad reality is that there are very few of them who can get there. The key challenge for many small business owners is to grow the business with the limited resources they have. As it is said that it takes money to make money. Whoever can find a way to grow without increasing cost significantly will be the winner in this resource constraint world. So how do you achieve that Holy Grail? Here are few tips you can use to minimise your spending without sacrificing growth.

Company Vehicles

Having a company vehicle can present many financial advantages
Getting your name out there in the local community using a branded company car is an excellent way to build up brand awareness- ad space is built-in with another company asset. A bonus is that your name will go wherever the vehicle does.
It’s an incentive to prospective employees and ensures you attract high calibre applicants.
The government provides grants to buyers of electric or plug in cars like hybrids, so it’s worth considering as an option.

Financing company vehicles is made easy by providers, especially when breakdown cover is offered. Start Rescue are a great place to look for deals.

What do You Need to Know before Starting an Engineering Business

Engineering is one of the most reliable, thriving industries out there. No matter how the economy is performing, there will always be a de...