Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to Grow Your Business with Limited Budget

Every small business owner has a dream of growing his business to become next The sad reality is that there are very few of them who can get there. The key challenge for many small business owners is to grow the business with the limited resources they have. As it is said that it takes money to make money. Whoever can find a way to grow without increasing cost significantly will be the winner in this resource constraint world. So how do you achieve that Holy Grail? Here are few tips you can use to minimise your spending without sacrificing growth.

Company Vehicles

Having a company vehicle can present many financial advantages
Getting your name out there in the local community using a branded company car is an excellent way to build up brand awareness- ad space is built-in with another company asset. A bonus is that your name will go wherever the vehicle does.
It’s an incentive to prospective employees and ensures you attract high calibre applicants.
The government provides grants to buyers of electric or plug in cars like hybrids, so it’s worth considering as an option.

Financing company vehicles is made easy by providers, especially when breakdown cover is offered. Start Rescue are a great place to look for deals.

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